Executive view for the cloud leader
Multi-tenant and multi-cloud user management
Risk map and how the cloud evolved cloud over time
Filter by article CCPA
Attack surface reducion
Application as Vendor Risk Assessment

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Executive view
Executive view for the CISO and DPO
  • Score by cloud and/or compliance framework
  • Vulnerabilities classified by the level of severity
  • Cloud evolution over time
  • Risk map by region
Vulnerability View for the DevSecOps
  • Filters to prioritize tasks
  • Audit reports by pdf
  • Export data in CSV
  • Integration with ServiceNow, Jira and Trello
Operator view
Visibility of vulnerable items
  • Step-by-step remediation of all vulnerabilities
  • Details about the item found, including tags
  • Risk Acceptance feature for all vulnerabilities or items
Resource View for the DevSecOps
  • Analysis of all cloud resources
  • View all vulnerabilities that affect the resource
  • Tag filters to identify critical resources