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Follow the steps to create a report in a defined bucket: 

1. Navigate to the Reports page in the Billing management console and select Create Report

2. On the report creation page, type the name “CleanCloudReport” and select the options Include resource IDs and Automatically refresh your Cost & Usage Report. Click Next

3. Click Configure to create a new bucket on your Amazon S3 where the report will be saved.

4. In the window that opens, choose Create a bucket. As S3 bucket name put “mycompany-report-cleancloud” and select a region where you prefer. Then click Next.

5. Confirm the security policy that gives AWS permission to record or archive a report inside the newly created bucket. Click on Save

6. On the report configuration page, (i) validate the bucket created, (ii) fill the Report path prefix, (iii) select hourly granularity, (iv) Report versioning to Create new report version, and (v) choose Compression Type as GZIP. Click Next.

7. Review the available information and complete to finalize report creation.

8. Select AWS Cost and Usage Reports and click on the newly created report “CleanCloudReport”

9. Copy the text displayed in the Report path prefix field. Save this information because it will be needed in step 11 of this tutorial. 

10. To enable tags for cost reporting access the Cost allocation tags page. On the User-defined cost allocation tags tab, select all tags and click Activate.

11. On the CleanCloud page, type the bucket name created “mycompany-report” in the Bucket Name field, and paste in the Report path the value copied in step 9 of this tutorial. 


This integration step was successfully completed 🙂



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