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How to integrate my Azure CSP cloud

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It is very simple, takes less than 10 minutes!

Follow the steps to integrate your CSP Azure cloud into CleanCloud! 

1.Login to the Azure account.

2.To access the CSP area click on Dashboard on the top menu or click Enter on the right hand side of the screen.

3.Select Settings on the right hand side of the screen and then click User Management.

4.Click Add User and enter the name and email.

5.On the Roles and Permissions:

a) check the Manages your organization’s account as and select Billing admin option.

b) check the Assist your customers as and select Admin agent option.

Finally, click Add.

6.Log out from your account and sign in with the credentials of the newly created user. This step is important to create a permanent password – currently the integration cannot be done using the temporary password. 

7.Access the Partner Center and go to Account Settings then select App Management. Scroll down to the Native App section and Click Add new native app. Copy and save the App ID field.

8.Scroll down to the Account Settings section and click Organization Profile. Copy and save the Microsoft ID field.

9.On CleanCloud  click the cloud icon on the top right corner of the screen and click the + icon to add a new cloud. 

10.Select CSP/MSP and continue.

11.Type a name for your cloud. It’s optional to put a description. Click on Continue. 

12.Enter the newly created user’s email and password, then paste the value of the App ID and Microsoft ID copied in the previous steps into their respective fields. Click Continue.

13.To complete the integration, click Start Optimizing. 



The Azure cloud is integrated with CleanCloud so you can better understand your cost and manage your resources. 

In up to 8 hours CleanCloud has collected data from your CSP Azure cloud. 




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