How to integrate my Azure Subscription cloud

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(It won’t be long, it usually takes less than 10 minutes!)

Follow the steps to integrate your Azure cloud into CleanCloud: 

1.Select Azure Subscription and Continue.

1.1 If you already have another cloud integrated into CleanCloud, click the cloud icon on the top right corner of the screen and click the + icon to add a new cloud.

2.Type a name for your cloud. It’s optional to put description. Click on Continue. 

3.In a new browser tab, access your Azure control panel and navigate to the Properties page in the Azure Active Directory service. Copy the Directory ID.

4.Go back to the CleanCloud App and paste this code into the Directory ID. 

5.Back to the Azure console, access the App registrations page and select New registration. 

6.Type a name for this new registration: CleanCloudApp and select Accounts in this organization directory only


  • in the option Redirect URI select Web
  • include https://localhost. Click on Register.

7.Copy the Application ID.

8.Go back to the CleanCloud App and paste this ID on the Application ID.

9.Access the Subscriptions page and select the Subscription that will be integrated into CleanCloud. Copy the Subscription ID.

10.On to the CleanCloud App, paste the code in the Subscription ID.

Before the next steps, make sure that the registration created have the permissions: Reader and Billing Reader. In order to do so, follow the next steps:

11.On the Subscription page select the IAM Access control tab on the left hand side menu. Click on Add. 

12.Select Reader as Role and assign access to Azure AD user, group, or service principal. Then type the record you created earlier – CleanCloudApp. Click Save.

13.Now you must create a second Role. Click on Add then select Billing Reader with access to Azure AD user, group, or service principal and select CleanCloudApp. Click Save.

We finished the permissions settings, let’s continue the Azure cloud integration process.

14.On the Certificates and secrets page and click on New client secret. 

15.Add a brief description to the key: CleanCloudKey and select the “never” as the expire option. Click on Add. 

16.Copy the Value on the lower right hand side.

17.Back to the CleanCloud App, paste on the Secret Key. Click on Continue. 

18.To complete the integration, click Start Optimizing. 



Your Azure cloud is integrated with CleanCloud so you can better understand your cost and manage your resources.

In up to 6 hours CleanCloud have all collected data from your Azure cloud.