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IAM Integration (linked)

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Follow the steps to create IAM policies with the necessary permissions to integrate linked clouds with CleanCloud: 

1. In CleanCloud, click on View policy.

2. Click Copy to copy the AWS policy JSON that will be created and change the bucket name in [BUCKET_NAME].

3. Navigate to the IAM Policies page and select the Create policy button.

4. On the Create policy page, select the JSON tab and paste the code copied in step 2 of this tutorial. Click the Next: Tags button.

5.Type a name for the new policy and click the Create policy button.

6. Repeat the same process to create the second Billing policy and don’t forget to include the name of the bucket you want to reference in JSON. Then click on the Create Policy button. 

After creating the two new policies, it is necessary to attach them to a new IAM role.

7. Access the IAM Roles page and select the Create Role button.

8. Click another AWS Account as trusted entity type. 

9. Back at the CleanCloud page, copy the AWS Account ID and past it into the AWS page in the Account ID field. 

10. Select the Require External ID option and copy the External ID from the CleanCloud page and past it into the External ID option. 

11. Leave the Require MFA option unchecked and select Next: Permissions.

12. In the Attach permissions policies, enter the name of the first policy created and check the checkbox, repeat the process for the second policy as well and click Next.

13. Leave this screen blank and select Next: Review.

14. Type “CleanCloudApp” as the role name. Optional to put a description for it. Check that the two policies created previously are attached to the role and then click Create Role.

15. Back to the Role page, click on the newly created role “CleanCloudApp” to access your data. 

16. Copy the ARN Role from the AWS page and paste it on the Setup IAM Role option on the CleanCloud page. Click Save and next if you want to integrate other linkeds clouds or click Complete to finish the process.

Note: After clicking on Complete, confirm if you really want to end the process or integrate other linkeds.

This integration step was successfully completed 🙂


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