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IAM Integration via CloudFormation

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Follow the steps to create IAM policies automatically and with the necessary permissions to integrate the AWS cloud with CleanCloud:

1. In the CleanCloud panel choose the automatic integration mode and in the IAM Integration section click the Stack button. Copy the CloudFormation link and paste it into your browser. Remember to be connected to the AWS account you want to create the IAM Role

2. In the CloudFormation dashboard on the Parameters tab, add the account name to integrate. Then enter the S3 bucket name “mycompany-report” and the report path prefix also created “/ CleanCloudReport”.

Click here to access the tutorial about how to create a report in a defined bucket

3. At the page bottom select the option I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources and click Create stack.

4. Once created, you will be redirected to the page of the new stack you created. In the Events tab you can check the status of the resources created by CloudFormation..

5. After the status appears as complete, access the Outputs tab and copy the Value field with the ARN role to integrate the account.

6. In the CleanCloud panel, paste the value into the IAM Role field.

This integration step was successfully completed 🙂

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