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A complete cloud infrastructure management platform.

  • You can integrate with both AWS and Azure cloud with a read-only permission to access cost and data usage.

  • To visualize the data, nothing better than the dashboards. Understand your spend, see how the resources are performing and find ways to optimize your cloud. 

For example, through our Reserved Instances template find out if you use your current reservations appropriate and find opportunities to reduce costs.

  • It’s very useful to see your data in a chart, but sometimes you really need a report. With CleanCloud Inspect this is easy! Create custom reports of your cloud and include exchange rate, taxes and other fees applicable to the billing.

This allows you to know how much you actually spend on the cloud, in your local currency and including all taxes. Also, schedule the delivery of a report and receive it periodically in your email or Slack channel.

  • Having access to all this data is great, but you still need a cloud expert to interpret it. With optimize, receive daily opportunities for performance improvements and cost optimization so your team focuses on delivering the best results on the cloud.

There are more than 60 verifications, all customizable – we analyze according to the parameters set by the customer to meet the needs of each company!


  • User management, with permissions for each registered clouds, screens,and even specific dashboards or reports; 
  • Alarms if the cost of a service suppress a specified value, or if you have a fixed or percentage variation above a set threshold, with multiple filters such as tags and service;
  • and much more!

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CleanCloud, unleash all your cloud’s potential

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