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An AWS compliance platform, CleanCloud Score has over 90 compliance verifications on some of the main frameworks and benchmarks, such as CIS, HIPAA and GDPR.

To integrate the AWS cloud, you only need to create a role with read-only permission.

Once integrated, you can see all data in two distinct views: Business or Analytical.

On the Business view we show an overview of the compliance status of the selected cloud according to the chosen framework, or combinations of them. Also see:

  • A score from 0 to 1000 based on the frameworks selected to the AWS cloud;
  • Vulnerabilities classified by severity;
  • Historical evolution with the comparison with the latest analysis;
  • Risk map for each AWS region with resources allocated.

On the Analytical view, get detailed information about the identified vulnerabilities and risks:

  • Each vulnerability is classified by threats, framework and number of vulnerable items;
  • Apply filters by severity, threat, service, tags, or AWS region;
  • Create alerts for a new vulnerability is found or fixed;
  • Learn more about the identified vulnerabilities:
    • content with the meaning and impact of each vulnerability;
    • step by step to remediate the vulnerability;
    • all details about the resources exposed;

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