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How create a CloudWatch alarm

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Learn how to create CloudWatch alarms based on service usage. 

With CloudWatch you can automatically receive usage metric notifications when you reach a specific threshold. As an example, an alarm when any EC2 instance reaches 80% CPU usage.  

We created a simple tutorial to help you set up alarms under 10 minutes. 

Based on CleanCloud Explore’s data you can analyze historic metrics and identify patterns to create alarms on CloudWatch. 

1.Browse the AWS console and access the CloudWatch service. 

2.At the top left go to ALARM and click the Create Alarm button. 

3.Click the Select Metric button to define the alarm metrics that will be created.

4.Following the example CPU usage, on the All metrics tab select EC2 metrics. 

5.For CPU utilization metrics, select the option “Metrics per instance”, then select the resource you want to monitor and the “CPUUtilization”. Finally, click Select Metric.

6.In this screen configure the metrics to create the alarm. On our example, select Statistic Maximum and Period 5 minutes. 

7.Still on this screen, set the alarm notification. On our example Static Threshold Type, Whenever CPUUtilization is Greater than 80. 

8.Finally, configure additional settings to create alarm. On our example if 3 evaluations are above 80% CPU within a total of 5 evaluations then the Alarm should be triggered. Click on Next. 

9.On Notification choose the alarm state for the notification to be sent: 

  • OK –  The metric or expression is within the defined threshold.
  • Alarm – The metric or expression is outside of the defined threshold.
  • INSUFFICIENT_DATA – The alarm has just started, the metric is not available, or not enough data is available for the metric to determine the alarm state.

Set the channel for notification to be sent – topic SNS

On the Add Notification button is possible add more than one notification.

On the example we set a notification and selected to receive notifications via SNS topic.

Also, we added another notification when the alarm returns to the OK status and also with sending topic via SNS. 

After those settings, click Next.

10.Set a name for the Alarm ex: Across all Instance CPU > 80% and add a short optional description. Click Next. 

11.On the Preview and Create page confirm all information and Click Create Alarm. 

12.At last, a success message will appear to confirm alarm creation.



You will receive metric alarms as designed to optimize your AWS cloud. 

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